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Just Published: Elegant Knotted Jewelry

My latest book provides a brief history of the Korean art of Maedeup, an art virtually unknown in the Western world. It includes instructions for creating ten different knots, which are used alone and in combinations to create 30 stunning projects.

Maedeup is a Korean knotting art that originated thousands of years ago. The art was handed down from teacher to student and there are very few books on the subject, even in Korea.

Now, readers can be introduced to the wonderful world of Maedeup knotting including the meaning of each knot. After demonstrating the knotting techniques, the book provides instruction for 30 upscale jewelry projects including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more. The cording and tools needed to create Maedeup are affordable and easy to obtain.

Forward by Carol Duvall
In stores September 2009


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